Shomadjozi is an African poet, rapper and writer. The 24 year old South African  ,Maya Wergerief, is an embodiment of African pride, culture and liberation. Having travelled to several  African countries  , the Xitsonga rapper , immerse’s herself in each of the African countries she’s been to . In her interview with Ayiba magazine the artist talks about finding herself during the various destinations she’s been to, even working in Senegal during her travels there.

Tanzania was the genesis of her realization that she was an African and not just South African. Senegal was a great place for her to hide, to be someone else while searching for what she wanted to do. “I did everything there, at some point I was selling second-hand clothes. I mean, I really became resourceful there and the people in Senegal, my god they’ll take your breath away.”



Maya started off her journey through poetry that reflected on racism , the African disposition and neo- colonization all whilst embracing the beauty,fun and power of the continent she calls home . Her poems all have an underlying sense of advocacy , conscious awareness and a deep call for justice and liberation of all people, but most importantly the liberation of an individuals identify.



This year the artist broke through the South African rap industry through her collaboration with Okmalumkoolkat on his lastest  album , MlaziMilano, featuring her on two  tracks in the album… here’s a snippet  of some of the magic she infused with her tsonga verses and snatching rap style.


She has also been featured in Okmalumkoolkat hit track  Gqi which has garnered over one millions  views on YouTube,in the video you get to see Shomadjozi rocking her fresh face,Nike sneakers and her Xibelani. Closely after her work with Okmalumkoolkat she released  her first debut single “Dumi Hi Phone” and by the looks of it, the single has got South Africans gripped on the fresh and upbeat rhymes and rhythm of the single.


Shomadjozi is a fresh, cool and new talent to shake up the African and female rap scene, she effortlessly incorporates and celebrates the African woman through her music , hair and style. Usually sporting her #Bantuizm braids and her Xibelani skirt she’s introduced raw , unfiltered African designs accompanied with her unapologetic, bold and fun personality .



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