Lol… you don’t have a hold on your life

Just incase you’re obsessed with having control over the future, here’s a little excerpt to remind you why “the present ” Is the only whisp of time you have control over.

-based on a true story, garnished with wit , sarcasm and humor, thanks to Terry  Pratchett –


” Supposing you’d watched the slow accretion of snow over thousands of years as it was compressed and pushed over the deep rock until the glacier calves it’s icebergs into the sea, and you watched an iceberg drift out through the chilly waters , and you got to knot its cargo of happy polar bears and seals as they looked forward to a brace new life in the other hemisphere where they say the one ce flies are lined with crunchy penguins, and then wham! Tragedy loomed in the shalt of thousands of tons of unaccountably floating iron and an exiting soundtrack ”

-An exerpt from Thief Of Time – Thierry Pratchett, p.g.12



See how that kid grabbed his cupcake? With no sense of past giving him doubts on his present opportunity and no sense of future with multiple possibilities that might never happen, he’s living! He’s in the present, and he grabbing life by the..icing




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