You’re Not An Instagram Bad bad…

You Didn’t qualify To Be An Instagram Baddie?


What to do once you’ve realize you can never be an Instagram baddie.

Baddie definition: A uniquely angled facial structure that produces flawless, modelesque, like garnering pictures, every time it’s posted. This is usually marked by a handful of followers after every selfie you post.


Right so you’ve realized you were given equal amounts of personality and looks, meaning you can not just rely on a perfectly placed bronzer, dewy eyed, slightly parted lips and sharp eyebrow picture of yourself to mark your place on Instagram. Firstly congratulations on realizing that you were not placed on earth to be ogled at by admirers and low self esteemers and finally, this is the part that personally gets to me the most, you will never receive free products and deals for your effortless posing, you unfortunately have to dig a little deeper for your career achievements.

Now don’t get me wrong, not being accepted into the institution of baddies has nothing to do with wether you’re beautiful or not, you just don’t fit into this current trend of beauty standards, and trust me your exact facial and body features were once a trend. I remember how my baby fat ( particularly  in the booty region )  was overlooked in the early 2000’s, puberty knocked in and pushed my plush backside aside right when society rang the revamp bell on beauty standards, I missed the big booty pre-requisite just when it started being celebrated, but… no hope lost, maybe the Twiggy phase will make its way back into society. Heck maybe the sect that makes up all these trends will find different hobbies.

You fortunately have a lot more to offer, and your purpose on earth requires a lot more from you than sharp angles, high cheekbones (not sure if that’s still in or not), big booty, Malificent like countouring (google her), A4 paper sized waist ( ask China about this  nonsense beauty standard) and whatever the heck else we may be asked to mould our bodies and faces into in the next five years . Once you stop forcing yourself into this five year game of who’s hot and who’s not, you’ll finally reap in on those special features only you posses, that only you can rock and more importantly your unique and intricate existence that’s going to need a lot more than great pictures , emotions or over used quotes as captions and a lot more than getting your certificate at the baddy institution.

You have a whooolllle lot to offer and maybe all that time and effort you use to take 100 pictures to eventually not post one, all that filter picking, nit picking , “drag me down” self you give yourself after you capture your beautiful creation, could have rather been used to work with what you’ve got. More importantly to work with all of you, to work with your mind, your thoughts, your likes , your interests, your quirks, your knowledge, your sense of humor, dirt biking because you skipped the new range of MAC bronzers so you have a little extra to spend on a life experience. Whatever it is really , this is just a reminder that the straw sized circumference of beauty is really not worth all the effort, and if there’s bits of you that don’t fit in, you’re lucky because you just have way too much too much to offer



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