How To Not Feel Worthless When You’re Jobless



1. Never say you tired , especially if you’re amongst a bunch of nine to fivers, infact anyone who had to be woken up with an alarm clock for work that day. It just won’t make sense, usually that comment will be followed by silence or a “what made you tired” comment ( this is my moms favorite comeback, she usually also whips out the office work she needs to finish for that day just to give me a visual of what should truly make me tired) and heck I don’t what make us jobless people tired, probably the joblessness, but anyway don’t ever say it.

2. If you have somebody who helps you out with money, reject at least one of their offers, this shows that you’re not comfortable with a stipend that only covers your toiletries, its crucially important to show bits of guilt in this current time of purposelessness in your life. Makes everyone feel better about giving you money.

3. Don’t ever show your bouts of depression, yes I know the feelings of hopelessness and uselessness you get when you find yourself watching whole series seasons a day  , but you better suck all of that sadness in and stick a smile on your face when the nine to fivers come back from their hard days labour. This is really crucial especially if you were born to African parents , as showing your depression will not result in a long heartfelt discussion where they restore your hope, happiness and strengths and you walk out with a renewed sense of purpose . What you will get instead is “you’ll feel better once you get a job” DONE, that’s all you getting baby

4. This is crucial , don’t ever let the nine to fivers come home without the house smelling and looking like the home outside the Mr.Min bottle , without the pots consisting of food outside your culinary skill set and most importantly make sure the sink full of dishes caused by your emotional eating and boredom are cleared. Personally , as a black child, there’s nothing in life that can make you question your existence, like your mother finding the kitchen dirty when she knocks off. So yeah keep those sinks empty

5. DONT EVER COME HOME WASTED, this will cut or diminish your toiletry stipend drastically or immediately. It doesn’t matter if your friends bought the booze(cause you obviously don’t have the salary to support that lifestyle) , a stipend supplier will immediately feel their money is going towards the destruction of your livers and would rather spare their money …..and your liver of cause

6. And lastly, get a hobby, whatever it may be , wether it’s writing nonsensical ramblings on a blog or comments section, or learning the art of gaining social media followers, maybe you could be an internet troll and purge all your frustrations on people that are making it in life, you could also start working for your summer body in winter, heck whatever it is make sure do one activity a day that gives you some type of joy. ( Great way to feel busy)


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